Charges For Damages to District Property

Locked Meters:  Any person removing a lock from a District meter will have committed a criminal act by damaging District property and stealing water.  The District upon finding a lock has been removed will shut off service by other means including but not limited to removal of the meter.  In order to have service restored to that location the customer will pay in addition to any other charges due a fee of $250 for damages to property and the cost of removing and putting back the water service. 

Damaged Transmitters:  A transmitter, which sends a signal to our meter reading vehicles, is attached to each retail customers meter lid.  If that transmitter has to be replaced because it was damaged by a vehicle, mower, etc.  the customer will be charged a fee of $150 for the replacement of that transmitter.

Other Charges:  Fees for other types of damages to District property will be based upon the cost to replace that property, including parts and labor.

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