Retail Customer Leak Allowance Procedure

Reduce for customers the cost of a significant, unplanned water leak on the customer’s side of the meter.  The regulator is on the customer’s side of the meter and is the property of the customer.

The allowance will be for a one month billing cycle only.  It will be for the month in which the leak was repaired or the prior month whichever is larger.  Customers granted a leak allowance will not be eligible for another leak allowance in the 24 months following the month for which they were granted an allowance.  Leaks of less than 10,000 gallons will not be granted an allowance.  No allowance will be allowed until the leak has been fixed in a timely manner.

The leak for purposes of this allowance will be the usage (in gallons) in the allowance month reduced by the average monthly usage of the customer over a 12 month period prior to the allowance month.  If person applying has been a customer less than 12 months the number of months as a customer prior to the allowance month will be used. 

The leak in gallons will be multiplied by 5% to 50% ( based upon the degree of negligence by the customer).  The allowance in gallons will be multiplied by the appropriate rate to determine the allowance in dollars. 

Customer must supply to the District paid repair bills, invoices for repair parts, etc. to document that a leak did exist and has been repaired.

The District has under the “Forms” tab on this website a ‘Leak Allowance Request Form’.  The completed form and required attachments may be mailed to RLCD, PO Box 907, Benton, IL 62812. 

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